HowTo : Make Firefox faster

It has been years since I began using Firefox as my main browser. I am not well informed on other browsers, but from what I heard Opera, followed by Google Chrome might be the lightest and fastest. I will gather more informations to write a future article about the characteristics of each one of them.

But first, in this post we will focus on the most interesting Firefox plugins to make your web browsing experience easier, faster and more comfortable.

        1. The first one is : Adblock Plus :

This plugin will instantly stop any advertisement displayed on a web page. It uses a system of filter targeting ads only. And since ads also evolves to escape such plugin, the filter, through an subscription (free of charge of course), will automatically update to block the latest ads.

For those who wonder if this kind might put an end to websites that uses ads to live, with Adblock 2.0, acceptable ads are by default set on in order to help those websites while blocking the intrusive ones. This small but interesting option will give websites a better thought on how to advertise without sacrificing the comfort of web browsing. The ads that are authorized have an agreement with Adblock Plus, so if you need to install ads on your website, please follow this link to see which ones are.

Download and install through Firefox.

Choose a filter according to which country’s web you use the most.


        2. The second is : Flashblock :

Before let’s explain what is Flash. Flash is a software made by Adobe, used to display video players, animations on a web page. This program is quite inconvenient in the way that it absorbs a lot of ressources ; so it slows down your browser and even sometimes your computer. For another alternative to Flash please see HTML5 (I will surely write an article on it).

This is when the Flashblock plugin for Firefox comes in. Like Adblock, it will stop any flash platform from running. If you want to see th video, animation… you will have to simply click on the lecture logo.

Get it from here.

You might encounter problems on some websites, such as Facebook. There, if you want to upload a photo, you will have to deactivate Flashblock in the Firefox addons and restart the browser to make it work properly.

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