Angry Birds are Everywhere, Even in Sodas


Rovio Entertainment Ltd. is a North European based company, in Finland, with a great sense of business. Rovio created Angry Birds, that’s right, the famous mobile game that sold for millions and known in the whole world with: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars.


Not only they got the most of their games, but they also had the idea to make their own merchandising based on the universe of the game. From apparels to speakers, through lunch boxes, the company was able to capitalise on its Angry Birds franchise, Rovio launched itds own Angry Birds soda; and it is the best seller soda in Finland in front of Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It will soon be sold in other countries like New Zealand or Australia, invading the territory of the emus and the kiwis.

Angry Birds, an advertiser? Rovio is indeed offering brands to advertise on their game. They chose to be their own advertising platform instead of using Google Mobile Ads.

Rovio is a company doing everything on their own to have a better control on the by-products from their famous Angry Birds: they created a historical brand, and they know how to use it in domains other than just gaming.


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