DUST 514: Open Beta for PS3

DUST 514 Free To Play
All PlayStation 3 users can now download and play the first person shooter multiplayer for free.

DUST 514 is developed by CCP Games and it takes place in the same universe as another game from the development studio: the Space-Opera MMO EVE Online. In EVE Online, corporations fighting for the control of entire planets will hire ground troops, battling in DUST 514.

Therefore, each game has an influence on the other, in order to get the best soldiers, coporations in EVE Online will have to pay the full price, as the money will help to equip them with better outfits. In space, spaceships will be able to fire orbital strikes on the battlefield below. All help will be greatly appreciated by DUTS players as they will loose their outfit each time they get killed.

Several weeks ago, CCP incorporated DUST 514 into the Serenity server of EVE Online to begin the first exchanges between the two games. After the game is released, players will still be able to play for free, with the option to use mico-transactions in order to get better weapons and items faster.

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