STRAFE® Kickstarter $15 Tier to Get You the Game

STRAFE® Kickstarter $15 Tier to Get You the Game

The developing studio Pixel Titans finally decided to allow gamers with the wish to try the violent first person shooter on its release for $15 only. This decision follows recommendations of the gaming community to lower the tier for the obtention of the game.


Initially, gamers had to commit to give $25 in order to get an access to the game as soon as it is released, therefore developers are aiming at including an even greater number of people on the project and maybe fund entirely their Kickstarter. Indeed, the financing is 35% complete, but there are 18 days left to fulfill the Kickstarter.


STRAFE wants to be a violent FPS with graphics from the nineties; or more precisely the 1996, as developers assure the game will revolutionary… for that time, a close competition with big titles such as DOOM, Quake, etc. 32 bits visuals are actual copies of the artworks. Among innovations, the team behind Pixel Titans are looking for randomly generated levels and randomised enemies for an ever changing game. Developers bet on an original video to promote their title with an ad colloquial to nineties children:


Finally, you can already pledge for the $15 tier, however expect an availability in May 2016:



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While the Vita is Drained, the PS4 is Growing

While the Vita is Drained the PS4 is Growing

The Vita is dying a little more, the application Maps will be deleted from the console in the next software update in March. Moreover, it means the social function Near will also disappear; Near was used to connect to nearby players using internet in order to play multiplayer games, share ingame objects, … . Not only Maps, but YouTube will also be gone so that PS Vita users will have to use the Web browser to watch YouTube videos, therefore assuming that Sony and Google partnership for the PS Vita has come to an end.

Meanwhile, PS4 users will soon be able to play games listening to streamed music through Spotify. In addition, Music Unlimited will be renamed to become the PlayStation Music in an attempt for Sony to promulgate the PlayStation trademark. However it furthermore buries the Vita as the Music Unlimited service will not be available anymore.


No more AAA (big) games from Sony and third developers, lesser applications, the PS Vita appears to have fallen into despair against a focused PS4. A shame for the only portable console rival of Nintendo’s 3DS, and an under-used hardware for games on the go.





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The Witness is on the News Again

The Witness on the News Again

A little more than two years ago, we talked here about a puzzle – exploration game called The Witness. This title is developed by a small team composed of full-timers and contractors, such as Jonathan Blow one of the pillars of indie gaming.


He counts important parts of the game are achieved, and notably the 677 puzzles ; which will be in more of less number at the release of The Witness. The article gives hints about what needs to be done and more specifically artistic choices to be made about the story, the menu system, … . Right now, the team is concentrating its efforts on details.


The Witness will be out when ready, but rest assured it will be released on PC and PS4 (a Linux port is also considered). Finally, Mr. Blow confirms there are no physical copies to be expected as he had some real issues with the physical release of Braid back in 2010.

#PCMasterRace & PS4 to Unlock 60 FPS on Loadout

#PCMasterRace & PS4 to Unlock 60 FPS on Loadout

For PC players, there can only be one way to play a game: get 60 frames per second in-game. This calibration is necessary to have the most fluid games, and more particularly it is essential when playing online shooters in order to be the most precised.


And it is exactly what developers of Loadout want to give in their game released last year on PC and PS4. Accoring to an interview published on GamingBolt, Community Manager Jason Heitman says the team is working on a patch to upgrade the game to 60 FPS and 1080p (Full-HD). Despite this announce, PS4 players will have to be patient as the small developing team behind Edge of Reality has to work on one platform at a time.


Loadout is a free-to-play third person shooter available on PC and PS4 set in a extravagant and gore universe. Customisation is an important feature in the game to modify appearence, guns and skills, and most of them can be bought using in-game money won during PvP (Players versus players) and PvE (Players versus Environment) games.

Here is below famous YouTuber TotalBiscuit presenting the game:

Three More Games Added to the Humble Mobile Bundle 10

Three More Games Added to the Humble Mobile Bundle 10

Each Humble Bundle is the occasion to get great games/books/music for a small price. For the next six days or so, the Humble Mobile Bundle 10 lets you get nine games for $3.95 (or more if you wish to give more to charity).


Among the games that caught our attention are two roleplaying games developed as interactive fictions. Both games set in a fantasy land lets you make your very own choices for better or worse for an adventure in which the fate of the people are in your hands. The Sorcery series is all about choosing your own path as a hero or to decide to become part of the evil reigning on the land. Sorcery 2 was designed by Lionhead Studios co-founder Steve Jackson (along with Peter Molyneux). King of Dragon Pass puts the player as the head of a tribe, and he will have to show a great amount of leadership to lead its people on a wise path in order to conquer through war or peace or both other tribes and become the King of Dragon Pass.


Other games include Doodle Kingdom from the creators of Doodle God and Doodle Devil is a fantasy adventure puzzle game in which elements have to be combine in order to create new things. iPollute, a charming puzzle game made with stop motion clay animations in which you aim at either saving or destroying the environment.


Once again, each purchase will grant a portion of the money spent to charity (here World Land Trust to create reserves and protected land, and Extra Life/Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals).

So, go there!

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